Here is a quick story about a Russian girl named Yulia, living in sunny Valencia, Spain (that’s me) and how she created the VeGardi project.

I was born and raised in the countryside, maybe that’s why I always loved nature and animals. I also love traveling, so I’ve got a degree in tourism and until now I worked in it. I was living an ordinary life but at one I realized that all things are connected in this world. I understood that with our actions we influence everything around us as well as our future.

Everyone knows that fur and leather are very popular in Russia. Thankfully today fur is leaving the catwalks. Furthermore in some countries it is completely banned. Unlike leather, because leather is considered “so comfortable, breathable and natural”. I remember that once, I bought an artificial leather jacket. I bragged to my friend: “Look, you can´t even notice that the leather is not real!” And she told me:“Someone who matters will notice”