My Story

Here is a quick story about a Russian girl named Yulia, living in sunny Valencia, Spain (that’s me) and how she created the VeGardi project.

I was born and raised in the countryside, maybe that’s why I always loved nature and animals. I also love traveling, so I’ve got a degree in tourism and until now I worked in it. I was living an ordinary life but at one I realized that all things are connected in this world. I understood that with our actions we influence everything around us as well as our future.

Everyone knows that fur and leather are very popular in Russia. Thankfully today fur is leaving the catwalks. Furthermore in some countries it is completely banned. Unlike leather, because leather is considered “so comfortable, breathable and natural”. I remember that once, I bought an artificial leather jacket. I bragged to my friend: “Look, you can´t even notice that the leather is not real!” And she told me:“Someone who matters will notice”


Oh,that public opinion...

Five years ago, I decided to stop using leather and fur in spite of what people might think of me. Back then, the only alternative to leather shoes were polyurethane boots. Sure, they were cheaper, but not really enjoyable to wear.

So I’ve started my journey on the lookout fornon-leather shoes in the hope that somebody had already invented better materials. That is how I stumbled upon the movie Earthlings. A few comments about the movie were enough to shift my mindset and after that my life has never been the same…So I quit eating meat first, and then any other animal source foods. I’ve started to use vegan and cruelty free cosmetics, began to learn about and try new, alternative materials in clothing and shoes. I was so excited to discover the vegan world! 😀

Shopping suddenly became а quest, because I was not just looking for some vegan stuff: design and quality have always been very important to me… I'm sure you will understand 😉 Then I found the first brands of vegan shoes. I’m so happy to be able to choose their vegan products and to live in such inspiring times!

These days I’m so thankful for those vegan pioneers who the few decades ago laid the foundations of everything we have now through their faith and patience.

As I started exploring the vegan world I talked with the creators behind some of the best vegan brands. They explained to me how they carefully select the materials and recycle as much as they can. How they provide decent working conditions for their employees and cause the least possible harm to the environment during production.

I felt that I was on the right track and we’re living in the future. A future where more and more people will come over to this side. I would like for all of us to think of where our clothes are coming from. And what happens when we throw them away.

So I decided that at this point I was ready to share my experience with others, with you. This is how I came up with the idea of​​creating the VeGardi project.

VeGardi is a vegan garden of my favorite brands. It’s all about ethical materials and eco-brands, sustainable vegan lifestyle but also about beauty and inspiration.

Take your time to enjoy the best vegan and sustainable shopping on this website!