All the brands in my store are committed to using 100% vegan and cruelty-free materials. All the items here are free of leather, silk, fur, wool, bone, horn and animal by product adhesives. 


The fabric used for the exterior of our accessories is waterproof and has the appearance of 100natural leather in microfiber that is washable, light, ecological and highly resistant, even against chemical agents

The STANDARD Oeko- Tex 100 is an independent testing and certification system that certifies that the fabric we use has been tested and meets the required criteria to be considered an ecological fabric free of toxic substances, toxic to health.



SEAQUAL is one of the most certified, earth friendly fibers in the world. SEAQUAL® YARN is a 100% recycled material with full traceability (DNA tracer inside). It’s a high-quality, recycled polyester yarn made from recycled materials, including post-consumer plastic bottles and plastic captured from the sea. That’s why it contributes to preserving natural resources and reducing the waste of the planet’s water.


Mulbtex is 100% plastic free. It is a cotton base coasted with mulberry leaf pulp which has its own silky shine making it water proof and weather proof and as strong as silk. Mulberry leaves are the staple food for silk worms. We are bypassing the cruelty of killing the worms and extracting the silk protein from them and instead extracting it directly from the mulberry leaves. Our Moby bag is the world's first plant-based men's bag made from Mulbtex.     

Mulbtex is Plastic & PVC Free
Mulbtex is feather light weight
Mulbtex is Water proof
Mulbtex ages/weathers like real leather


Eco-PU fabric used for the bags in my store is a unique combination of technology and quality. The production does not use toxic substances, uses little water and energy. All the fabrics you will find here are free of toxic PVC.