About VeGardi

VeGardi is more than just a store of vegan bags and accessories. It’s also an environmentally friendlyproject.  It’s about staying stylish and buying only what you need, when you need it. In other words, it’s all about conscious consumption. I’ve personally selected and checked each product in my store for sustainability, aesthetics, ethics, high quality and, of course, ensuring that it doesn’t contain any animal products. I created VeGardi store because I was constantly looking for the kind of things that you can now find here :).Just a few years ago, things were not easy but now, I’m happy to share all these goods with you. I am in love with all our partner brands and I’m grateful for their existence as they give us an opportunity to take care of our planet while remaining true to ourselves.


VeGardi provides you with high quality, vegan and sustainable products.
With our actions, we can either cause harm to the environment or protect it.
Every purchase is a choice and every choice has its consequences.
We choose our products with care, making sure they meet our high standards.
We select the most eco-friendly, cruelty free and sustainable products on the market and make them available to you.
We do this to help you support sustainability with no hassle.
This way you can find your favorite products while reducing your human footprint.
We believe in the power of our daily choices and we know that we can save the planet if we join our hands.
You and us, together.


VeGardi is committed to making conscious consumption easy for everyone. Eco materials, slow fashion and sustainable ethical standards must become part of our daily lives. They have to enter our homes, if we really want to leave a better world then the world we have found. These things must become natural elements in our lives and a new way of thinking. We’re still far from that but the tide is changing. And that’s thanks to amazing people like you, who believe that this change is possible. We can be environmentally conscious without sacrificing our most inspired style desires.