Bags and shoes made out of pineapple leaves – myth or reality?
Reality, friends! It sounds crazy, but luckily, it’s all true.⠀

The material is called pinatex. It is vegetable leather made of pineapple leaf fibers which is ecological, sustainable and a real alternative to animal leather.

It’s a durable, waterproof, breathable, flexible, soft and lightweight textile.
It has been tested and it meets ISO international standards for seam tear, tear resistance, tear strength, light and color durability, and abrasion resistance. So get ready to wear our pinatex bags for years and with pleasure ;)⠀

Pinatex was created by Carmen Hijosa. The idea came to her in the early 90s when she was working as a consultant for leather industry in the Philippines. She realized that leather was becoming scarce and too expensive, not to mention, the processing of the material was contaminating the country. And a lot!

So Carmen devoted herself to finding a more ethical and environmentally responsible alternative and, boy, she found one! To develop the Piñatex®, at the age of almost 60 years, she completed her doctorate at the Royal College of Art in the UK and founded the Ananas Anam Corporation.

So, thanks to Carmen, we can now produce 1 square meter of fabric from 16 pineapple leaves🍍

Most importantly, when creating this material, no animals are harmed, neither is any pineapple 😉 The thing is, pinatex is made from leaves which are the remnants of the harvest. The leaves need to be collected anyways otherwise they’d rot in the ground. So the production of the material does not need any additional water or fertilizers.⠀
After processing these leaves, what remains is biomass, which is used as a fertilizer, and this is an extra income for the farmers!⠀

All these reasons make pinatex the leather of the future and our beautiful bags are proof of this♥️